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Tips and Tricks for Redecorating Your Sunroom

Decorating your sunroom can be confusing at times because of its duo purpose factor. It’s a room that allows you to be inside of your home while virtually being outside as well. Many of us do not use our sunroom as often as we like because there is no decoration in the area. In fact, many sunrooms are filled without door shoes or extra items that don’t necessarily fit in the home.

Regardless of how often you may use your sunroom consider redecorating it to create a space that can be used all year round. Here are a few tips and tricks that will allow you to redecorate your sunroom and make it a favorite room in your home.

Paint the Space

Powder blue is the perfect combination of a soft blue with an edge. It gives you the same effect a bright blue would without the boldness. If you prefer an understated color with a big of boldness this is the perfect tone for you to try in the sunroom space of your home.

Most sunrooms are either white or they match the rest of the home. You want to paint the sunroom in a cheerful color such as yellow or turquoise. Bright colors are more inviting and they create a sense of unity when paired with neutral tones. Therefore, allowing your sunroom to appear as part of the home instead of an extra room that nobody uses.

Second living room?

Don’t be afraid to add a statement chandelier in your sunroom space. It can give you the second living room feel you want to achieve. Think of your sunroom as a less formal living room. It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day.

When placing furniture in your sunroom you want to rearrange it as if you would your living room. You want to have a couch or sitting areas that are inviting you can also incorporate a lamp or even a tv. Having a comfortable space can make the area more used and you can take advantage of the sunlight that enters the room.

Use the Windows as Wall Space

Having large windows can make it difficult for you to have space to place decor on the walls. However, if you want to maintain the main focus on your view. Consider keeping the windows free of decor and using bold hues that fill up the space.

Sunrooms are filled with windows which is an excellent detail to have. Take a window or two and utilize it as wall space. Co-use your windows and hang some paintings or pictures right on them. This will brighten up the photos while taking up some of the window space you already have.

Use a Rug

Rugs are excellent space consumers. They give any room a sense of togetherness without adding extra decor. A simple rug can bring the entire look together. Use a rattan or wicker rug for the best outcome. These materials are well known for being used outside. Therefore, provide the outside/inside feel you want in your sunroom.

If you’re unsure of how to fill up the space in your sunroom adding a rug is the way to go. Adding a rug is an excellent way to complete a look while still providing comfort. This is the perfect area to have a more natural rug as it will give you the relaxing feel you seek.

Furnish the Space with Wicker

Classic wicker furniture brings the outdoors directly into your indoor space. It is an excellent material to have in your sunroom especially if your area is exposed to the outdoor elements. The reason being wicker does not harbor moisture. Thanks to this they are excellent for having outdoor or in an exposed sunroom.

As stated above, your sunroom should be decorated as if it was your second living room. However, when it comes to furnishing the space one of the best materials you can use is wicker. Wicker is mostly an outdoor furniture material, but it has recently become an indoor favorite. Wicker, as well as rattan, bring outdoor resort vibes which is always nice to have.

Say No to Too Many Plants

Too many plants can make the space appear smaller. Instead of making the space appear smaller give the outdoor plants the attention they need by having only one or two plants inside and letting the outside ones be the focal point.

Because the sunroom is an indoor/outdoor space many individuals tend to fill it up with multiple plants. The problem with this is that too much sunlight actually comes into the room. This can cause most plants stress and they die. Plus, having a plethora of plants in your sunroom can take away from the plants outside.

Focus on the View

Sunrooms are notorious for having large windows. Therefore, make them the main focal point of your decor. Keeping it simple is one of the best ways to do just that. Adding a center breakfast table can be the perfect way to enhance the space and make it useful.

Most sunrooms have a beautiful view. When decorating the space, you want to keep this in mind. Your focal point when decorating the space should be the view. You do not want to overcrowd the space with too much furniture. For the best results, keep the décor light and cozy.


Mix and match patterns with one signature color is always an excellent way to bring attention to the space. You can have multiple different patterns that do not clash together by using soft colors such as blue and gray.

Anytime you want to redecorate a space in your home consider adding pattern. Pattern is an excellent way of adding color and texture all in one simple step. Add patterned cushions to your couch to spruce up the décor or add a patterned rug for an intricate focal point.

Use the Power of Mirrors

A Larger mirror will help expand the room while a smaller mirror will remove any shadows you may have in the space. Removing the shadows as well as expanding the space is a great way to add an intricate twist to the room. Combine it with a mirrored chandelier and you will have a retro-chic space.

Although, mirrors are typically used to see your reflection they also double up as extra light and shadow eliminators. In short, they are great for making a small room appear larger. If you have a smaller sunroom adding a few mirrors on the walls may be exactly what you need to add to the space and make it feel and look more-homey.

Keep it Casual

A few pieces can transform your sunroom into the perfect relaxing and casual space. Think of your sunroom as the perfect place to have a nice conversation with family and friends this will help you find the perfect decor for the room.

Keeping the space, casual is exactly what you want to do to make your sunroom the “cool room” in the house. It can easily transform into your children’s favorite homework nook. Or even a great space to sit down with a cup of wine and read a great book. A casual decorative style can be exactly what your sunroom need in order to become a family favorite.

Which of these redecorating tips and tricks will you be using in your sunroom space? Let us know in the comments below.


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