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11 Sunroom Ideas That Are Too Good To Be True

The sunroom- an almost magical place that allows you to be indoors yet have the outdoors almost at your fingertips. There is something quite blissful about sitting in your sunroom with a cool glass of wine and enjoying the sunset after a long tedious day. Whether you are taking a nap or simply enjoy a summer breeze here are 11 ideas that are too good to be true, but could make your sunroom feel like your new oasis.

Pavilion Style

Take your sunroom to the next level by having a classic home display that matches your living room for a cozy and unique appeal.

We love the idea of having a sunroom eating area, but not just that we love having it with a pavilion aesthetics. A vintage garden table paired with fresh greenery and matching chairs is a great way to bring that old world feel with a modern yet whimsical appeal.

Earthy Twist

A wood table paired with colors of rich greenery is great for a sunroom that is facing towards your very own garden.

An earthy twist could be just what your sunroom needs. Wood elements paired with green tones and open sunroom windows with little to know décor brings a cool vibe that connects the outdoors with your indoors.

Wintery View

Add an exposed brick element for a beautiful display that is warm and put together while still being simple and chic.

If you live in a cold area or even an area that has snowfall throughout the year, a wintery aesthetics are quite the charming look. Keep the room simple with soft hues of white, blue, beige and taupe and top it off with a chic fireplace. The fireplace itself is an excellent element to have to keep the home warm yet with that warming effect.

Bold Ceilings

When selecting your ceiling color consider a rich hue that will blend with any other color element you might already have. Add contrasting bits to create a bold aesthetics.

The ceiling is one of those areas that many of us do not think about when it comes to decorating. We simply decorate the bottom half and continue on our way. However, for the sunroom, you might want to take a closer look at bringing a chic twist to your ceiling. Paint it a bold shade or the same hue as the rest of the room for a sleek pairing.


When working with a farmhouse decorating style keep in mind the colors you are using. You want to use longer, more woodsy hues for a true rustic appeal.

Yes, we are mentioning farmhouse décor once again. Bring a farmhouse dining room table in your sunroom and make it the main staple of the room. Additionally, you want to keep your sunroom windows bare and truly let the light come inside. A few lantern light fixtures will complete the look.

Bring on the Comfort

Add a few colorful throw pillows and blanket to complete your new comfortable space.

Have you ever had the desire to sit back and relax in your sunroom? If so, they one is just for you. Add a large sofa in the room, and a few comfortable accent chairs to give you that bold feeling of comfort while embracing the size of the space.

Embrace the Windows

The more windows better. Keeping that in mind, leave your windows completely bare while allowing your decor to make a statement on its very own.

If you have large windows in your sunroom, embrace them! You want to keep them uncovered and allow the sunlight to shine through. Add a dining room table or a large bench to complete the look. You want to ensure the room feels grand thanks to how large and exposed the windows are.

Stylish & Minimal

When keeping the space minimal ensure you add color, to brighten the area. Even if it’s minimal the space should have its own character and texture.

As an active reader of ours, you might have caught on to the fact that minimal décor is very much on trend. So much so, that it is actually a top contender for any and every room. A simple table paired with minimalist chairs and a bright chandelier will do the trick.

Don’t forget the Texture

When you want to add texture to a room, consider adding a rug. A rug is one of the easiest forms of adding color, and texture all at once.

Whether you are working on adding more comfort or you want the room to have a little something extra texture is always a good idea. Bring in a texture chair or sofa cushions to add that little bit of uniqueness to the room.

Match your Living Room

The key to matching your sunroom decor with your living room is using the same color scheme. Keep the color scheme the same while playing with the texture that you have in the space.

Why have your sunroom feel a bit out place when you can make sure it feels like part of your living room, essentially you want it to feel like an extension of the main living room space. Use similar décor in the same color scheme to bring it all together.

Custom Table

Use a few chairs or even a bench to bring a contrast to your custom table that makes the space feel open and airy.

If your sunroom is an odd shape, adding a custom table is an excellent form of embracing the space while enhancing the architecture of the room. Pair with unique chairs to bring a new vibe into the room that is cool and offers a hint into your personality.

Is your sunroom your favorite part of your home? Share with us your ideas below.


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