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Tiny House on Wheels by Andrew & Gabriella Morrison

At 221sqft, this home is definitely tiny and yet if features two bedrooms and a kitchen with almost 12′ of counter space. Built on a flat deck trailer, the home is clad in horizontal knotty siding with a clear finish. It is 1-1/2 stories high to allow for a bedroom loft at each end and with the additional height to the home, a series of clerestory windows ensures natural light can flood the inner volume while maintaining privacy to the outdoors.

Inside the home the layout is galley style with the kitchen at one end and the bathroom at the other. Above the kitchen is the Master bedroom, accessed by series of stepped storage cubbies on the left while a dining station is opposite it on the right. At the far end a second bedroom is located above the bathroom.
The kitchen is surprisingly large with almost 12′ of counter space, a full size gas stove, a full size fridge, and even a wine rack
The long run of counter on the right is more prep space then many condos 4x the size have and with windows on two sides, this kitchen is not only spacious, but full of natural light.
A gas stove for the chef and garage door hardware on the upper cabinets makes this an kitchen to prepare meals in.
When its time to eat the homeowners can simply lift up one or two bar counters on hinges, lock them in an cantilevered position before placing the food on the bar and then open up one or two folding chairs. When the meal is over the bar tops and chairs fold out of the way.
Next to the dining station is a window seat that can easily accommodate two. The seat is also a storage bench that is part of the larger storage unit wrapping the window seat area and the dining station – storage is definitely NOT a problem in this tiny home.
Across from the window seat, a library ladder leads up to a loft space which is the second bedroom. Below it, separated from the rest of the inner zones is the bathroom.
The loft bedroom has its own TV and on the main level there is even a fireplace tucked into the corner behind the ladder and in front of the stairs leading up to the Master bedroom.
The steps leading up to the Master bedroom are designed as storage cubes for shoes, coats and other miscellanies.
tiny-house-wheels-andrew-gabriella-morrison-11- bedroom.jpg
The Master bedroom uses storage between the stairs and the wall to create a private zone for the homeowners.
A floating shelf below one of the clerestory windows acts as a table while a basket in the corner holds various items.
Below the loft bedroom is where the bathroom is and here a small vanity is tucked into a niche with a medicine cabinet above. The room stays nice and warm thanks to the fireplace just outside the curtained door.
Since there is no septic hook up for this house, a composting toilet fits the bill perfectly.
When its time for a vacation – simply hitch up and go.
Andrew & Gabriella Morrison


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