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Ideal Standard Vessel Basin Faucet – the ‘Super Normal’ faucet by Jasper Morrison

The Jasper Morrison vessel basin faucet from Ideal Standard rises in an elegant column, finishing with a simple lever at the top. The spout smoothly reaches over the sink with a broad profile, creating a lovely stream of water. The lever and spout have a gentle sculptured feel, yet it is clearly a faucet we are all familiar with. It is simple and functional. Leading British designer, Jasper Morrison has specifically planned this effect. Morrison is the creator of ‘Super Normal’ design; he feels that many of today’s products are over-designed. Instead of trying to enhance or redesign the function of simple products, Super Normal design aims to distill the item down to its basic action. Rather than design for the ideal pristine world, Super Normal design feels that items should fit and work perfectly in an everyday environment. The Jasper Morrison vessel basin faucet is part of Ideal Standard’s Jasper Morrison range, which are all Super Normal designs. Included in the range are a three-piece mixer, bath filler, bidet fittings, and a fixed shower head.



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