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10 Things That Make Your House Look Dated

Believe it or not, there are numerous décor bits that can make your home look dated. While most enjoy keeping up with the trends, others are the complete contrary; therefore, if you haven’t upgraded your home in quite some time it is fairly possible that you might have items that make your home look dated. With that being said, here are 10 things that make your home look dated.

Too Many DIY

Too many DIY pieces can make the room feel cluttered and even a bit more “eccentric” if you do not want an eccentric feel minimize your DIY pieces to 1-3 max.

While DIY ideas can be useful most of the time, they can also appear fairly “outdated” and even overbearing to the room. Instead of having multiple DIY items consider one or two max to keep the room upgraded and sleek.

White Appliances

Even though they’re beautiful, white appliances feel a bit dated, particularly if the kitchen is all white, create contrast by having colorful or stainless steel appliances instead.

We are the number one fans of an all-white kitchen, but white appliances are no longer on trend. In their place, we are looking at sleeker appliances, such as black and stainless steel. We are excited to be seeing more advanced and upgraded appeal instead of the traditional bulky appliances we have been seeing for years.

Small-Scale Furniture

Smaller scale pieces might seem like a great idea, but in the long run, they might not take much space but too much of a good thing can feel cluttered.

If you have a small apartment small-scale furniture might seem like the way to go. However, this can actually make your home appear dated and even smaller. Instead of trying to force multiple smaller-scale furniture bits into one room, consider having a few signature pieces.


Chevron has been around for so long it seems to be the perfect addition, when you want to add pattern but not anymore. Consider other pattern options and have fun or even add some colorful bits instead.

Time to say goodbye to chevron print officially. Although the print has been a classic for years, it no longer needs to have a spot in your home décor. Consider other patterns when you want to add color and texture to the room.

Over-the-Top Drapes

Drapes are not only beautiful, but they’re also heavy, and that is what you no longer want around your windows. Opt for a lightweight option instead.

Drapes will always remain a big part of home décor due to how functional they truly are. However, when you have an excess of drapery the room feels “overbearing and old” Consider having one drape or changing them up for something fresher like lightweight curtains.

Built-in Entertainment Systems

Even if you give it a modern twist, an entertainment system is no longer a good idea. You want a sleeker look that feels crisp and airy while not taking away from the room.

In the 90s built-in entertainment systems were a must but this is no longer the case. It is time to open up the space and make the room feel fresh and simple. Bulky built-in entertainment systems are outdated and even a bit “much.”

Textured Ceilings

Whether it’s a popcorn ceiling or even a wooden display, textured ceilings are no longer on trend. It’s time to keep your ceilings, simple or even give it a colorful twist.

Okay, okay, this trend still remains as a top contender, but it’s truly outdated. Instead of using this as an eye-catching element display a nice pendant chandelier over a smooth ceiling. Having this does the exact same, but with less of the outdated look.

Frosted Light Fixtures

Instead of frosted lights go for new clear pendants to bring light without taking away from the room.

Frosted glass is no longer a friend of the modern home It’s actually quite the opposite. Time to embrace the pendant trend and leave frosted glass right back at your grandmother’s house. Frosted light fixtures absorb light instead of omitting them.

Wallpaper Borders

Borders are no longer needed, add a grand wallpaper and allow it to make a statement on its very own instead.

No more wallpaper borders for your home! While boarders can help give you an added hint of texture, there are other ways to do just that. Consider painting your wall a bold color or having your wallpaper be textured and make a statement on its very own.

Tuscan Kitchens

Tuscan decor is no longer a staple, it’s now become outdated and a bit “much.” Consider refreshing the room by removing most of the darker wooden areas and add color instead.

Yes, we do love a good rustic kitchen, but they’re no longer on trend. The rustic, Tuscan kitchens tend to have a stuffy, almost too “warm” appeal, which is contrary to what you want when you’re decorating your kitchen. Go for a modern look with modern colors.

Do you have any of these outdated bits in your home? If you do, share with us if you’re ready to let them go in the comments below.


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