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Thin Porcelain Tile – new Skin tiles by Refin

refin thin porcelain tile 2 Thin Porcelain Tile   new Skin tiles by Refin
If you thought installing tiles was a huge job, think again! Refin has come up with a new concept, appearing at Cersaie 2009 – an innovative thin porcelain tile designed by Michele De Lucchi that makes updating your kitchen and bathroom a breeze. Measuring just 4.5mm thick, the new Skin tiles are so thin they can be installed directly over your existing tile without affecting the floor height, cutting a complicated three-day job into an easy afternoon project. These ultra-thin stoneware tiles have the same durability and quality of standard-thickness porcelain stoneware tiles, and they don’t fall short on style either. Available in large and modern sizes like 30 by 60 cm, 60 by 60 cm and 60 by 120 cm in five different color choices, this floor and wall tile will revolutionize the renovation process. Check out the new Skin tile collection at Refin.
refin thin porcelain tile 3 Thin Porcelain Tile   new Skin tiles by Refin




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