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THG Paris Froufrou Faucet Collection by Pierre-Yves Rochon

Gold, glamorous and decadent, the Froufrou faucet has a sophisticated elegance. Featuring exquisite French Bernardaud porcelain and gorgeous golden damask pattern, Pierre-Yves Rochon has created a faucet of refinement and beauty. Sharp crisp lines characterise the warm golden metal which has been hand-crafted and polished to a wonderful lustre. With a functional simplicity reminiscent of the early 1900s, the Froufrou faucet compliments both modern and period interiors. Available as simple pillar like knobs, or crowned with long slim handles the Froufrou offers a selection of styles to suit your needs. Available from THG Paris, the Froufrou Faucet offers sophistication in both precious materials and classic design.


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