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THG Paris Faubourg Bathroom Faucets Collection by Pierre-Yves Rochon

A faucet of elegant simplicity, the THG Paris Faubourg Bathroom faucet collection marries fabulous materials and hand-crafted metals into a single sophisticated fixture. Beautiful pillar controls are presented on gleaming metal plinths, elevating them in both height and glamour. Designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, each control is marked in a bold font that uses capital letters to spell out ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ in romantic French. Cylindrical knobs and angular spouts are blended by the sharp edges of the stepped plinths, giving the Faubourg a hint of Art Deco sophistication. Available in two styles, the Faubourg Faucet can be selected with slim angular levers or merely the hand crafted pillar bodies. A lovely and intelligent design, the Faubourg bathroom faucets by THG Paris offer an understated glamour perfect for modern installations.


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