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A Dash of Panache in Paris Apartment by Pierre Yovanovitch


Curvaceously Cozy Living Room Has The Wow Factor.
Wrapped in carved and book matched wood slabs – all from the same tree – and then joined with square pegs the back to this curvaceous couch is 1 part furniture, 1 part craftsmanship and 1 part art. The elements to the graining and checking are so intriguing it becomes the focal point of the room even though it is surrounded by other statement pieces. The pair of curvy and tufted occasional chairs continue the flowing lines while the grouping of 3 angular tables flaunt their hard edges. Colour is introduced in the red coffee table, red side table and of course the large canvas of greens, blues, yellows and red. Every piece in this setting is carefully placed and every piece works equally as a singular focus while at the same time creating a unified image.

Jazz Up A Stairwell With Colour and Detail
A simple narrow staircase could easily be a place to get from a to b, but in this case the inset handrails add a slash of interest to the grey backdrop and the large contemporary canvas of black on blue create s a large bold statement to the white walls at the base of the stairs. The stairs themselves become a geometrical addition to the inset handrail and organic painting.

Fabulous Family Room Energizes
The back of a leather cartoonish statement chair seems to be pointing to the round and colourful canvases hung in a random pattern across the wall. On the other side of the vignette is an equally cartoonish side table with bulbous base. This flow of curvy pieces create a fun dynamic energy to the space while the simple wood slab bench and clean lined sofa ground the grouping and keep the space from feeling too busy.

Beneath The Stairwell Lies Opportunity
The area beneath a stairwell is often ignored but in this case it is used as a niche to highlight a fabulous sculpture created out of multiple two dimensional shapes. The transparency of the figure allows the niche to feel open and the light that passes through it highlights the detail to the piece itself.

Kitchen Blues Are Anything But
Faced in a soft blue grey with the shell of the cabinets in a much darker hue, this kitchen offers a colourful repose to an otherwise neutral backdrop. The false flagstone behind the cooktop draws on the blue hues as well as the brass hues of the contemporary fixture over the table. A simple set of moulded plastic chairs keep the attention on the cabinetry and the fixture while the false flagstone balances the wall of cabinets on the left.

A Bedroom Hugged By Rustic Elements.
The natural checking on the exposed beams matches the loose style to the painting. The red fence in the painting plays off of the red chair at the desk and the live edge on the desk plays off of the exposed beams for a full circle design aesthetic that wraps the bed in a hug of rustic influence.
Black and White With a Touch of Wood
The hand-hewn beams that cross through the walls high up near the ceiling warm up a colour scheme of black, grey and white. The soft lines of the rounded beams create a natural foil to the hard lines of the man made features which are exacerbated by the linear pattern to the vanity and shower walls.

Soaking Up The Ambiance in a Master Bath
Hand-hewn wood planks on the floor and a small section of hand-hewn beams at the ceiling create an organic foil to the hard lines of the black marble vanity. Two black sinks within the counter almost disappear into the blackness but for the wall mounted faucets pointing down towards them. A shelf of crisp white towels is ready to wrap you in coziness after a long relaxing reprieve in the soaker tub and a small vase of flowers adds in a soft scent of ambiance.
Pierre Yovanovitch Architecture


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