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The NeoCollection glass tile series by UltraGlas

These glass tiles are a sample of amazing textures of the NeoCollection from UltraGlas. With the multiple styles, sizes and colors of this collection, there is no excuse not to incorporate these tiles in your design. These NeoCollection tiles are available in 2 basic textures. The embossed ribbed design on the left allows for a more rustic and unrefined look. The ‘debossed’ texture is achieved on the underside of the glass tiles allowing for a polished and easy to clean exterior. These tiles are offered in a variety of decos, liners, and listellos. The opaque bottom surface makes masking your substrate simple and ensures the true color of the glass. The 31 color options make them an easy choice for a simple accent or elaborate mural. Choose your tiles at UltraGlas.com.


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