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The Ceramic Wig Vase Is A Manikin Head Reinterpreted

Wig is a ceramic vase hidden in a ceramic manikin head. The concept of using plant life is not new, but this is the first time is has been done in a chic and modern format. Just think how cool this would look with a grouping of 4 used as a centre piece on a round dining room table, whether the table is 42″ in diameter or greater. The overall effect of the flowers or greenery chosen for the vase will dictate the mood and / or style of the dining experience. This photo shows to examples, the one on the left is a selection of grasses and would be ideal used for a fall dining experience. Perhaps surround the head or heads with a selection of pinecones or nuts, casually scattered. The Wig vase on the right a woman’s head covered in white carnations and would be perfect for a wedding shower.

This arrangement is more youthful and would be a perfect addition at a multi-generational family get together. I would also love to use this arrangement in a spa like bathroom setting – if the room was large enough to accommodate it.
The Wig vase works on a two-part system. The manikin head lifts up to reveal the ceramic container that holds the water.
Once the water container is filled, it is a simple matter of placing the ceramic head back on top of it.
Creating a vignette of these vases does not meant they all have to filled with foliage or flowers, they can also be kept empty as a more sculptural statement.
The crisp white of the heads will work with any colour scheme and any style. It even looks awesome next to concrete.
If your dining experience is an outdoor one, the Wig vases are perfect for deck parties or barbeques.
When in-between dinner guests, Wig can be proudly displayed on your buffet or kitchen shelving. The silhouette is minimalist enough to blend with any surroundings.
Tania da Cruz


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