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The Body-licious Dune Bathtub by Caroline Beaupere


Wrapped in porcelain waves of imaginary wind sculpted dunes and majestic mountains the Dune Bathtub by Caroline Beaupere is a stunning oasis of calm and tranquility. It is a place to forget your woes and be transported to another place, a place where only the ultimate in relaxation is allowed. It is, another wards the most amazing bathing experience all wrapped up in a stunning body-licious facade.


The rippling facade was inspired by the Siwa Oasis in the Libyan Desert in Egypt. The Siwa Oasis is a magical haven where time stands still and the outside world is but a distant memory.


The concept behind the Dune Bathtub is to create a cozy and beautiful environment that will let you escape the hectic pace of modern life – at least for awhile. If you love this tub as much as we do, vote for it on the bathtub page of InteriorDeign.net


The Dune Bathtub is one of 3 designs in the Dune Collection by Caroline Beaupere.


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