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Innovative Kitchen Concept by Lago – the 36e8 Kitchen Suites

Have fun creating your kitchen! Lago has released an innovative kitchen concept that draws on creative forms and dimensions to shape your kitchen. These 36e8 kitchen “non-kitchen” suites are incredibly attractive, not only in their stunning colours and sleek surfaces, but also in their versatility: The Lago storage units can be positioned horizontally or vertically and can be combined in a variety of ways to create your perfect kitchen. For example, you can stack the units like building blocks to produce forms such as trees, lobsters, etc! Thanks to extra-clear plate crystal supports, the bases can also be suspended and can extend into the middle of the room, creating the illusion of a floating counter. The design also incorporates the use of the N.O.W (Not Only White) system through the accessories and equipment, as well as through the possibility of internal integration of refrigerators and ovens. The premise of these innovative kitchen suites resides in warmth and practicality, and seeks to remove the over-loaded kitchens of the past.


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