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Thanksgiving decorating ideas to make your home feel extra cozy

When it comes to holiday decorating, thanksgiving seems to always take a step back. Whether that be due to the food becoming the main focus or simply because not many know how to decorate for this specific holiday. The idea is to have your decor feel just a tad bit more welcoming and sleek than the rest. That is where we come in! Here are a few thanksgivings decorating ideas to make your home feel extra cozy and thankful.

Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pair your pumpkins with colorful decor to truly make your table come to life in a vivid kind of way

After Halloween, you might have a pumpkin or two laying around, if you do take full advantage and make it your centerpiece. Not traditional pumpkin, but a modern upscale one. The idea is working with a sleek design that matches your decor yet feels unique to the room and what you want to display for the holiday season.


Work in a colorful display to give your classic touch a fresh and modern twist

Sometimes you need to work with classic elements that make the room feel as traditional as possible. What better way to do that than to bring a classic cornucopia. Whether you DIY it or decide to purchase one, the idea is to make this the centerpiece of your table overall. Pair the rest of your decor with other decorative bits that add to what the cornucopia has surrounding it.


Work with additional fall items to give your apples, some sort of baking when it comes to your display. Additionally, it adds color along the way.

Bring in a new touch of decor by adding apples right where you want to bring in color. Though apples are mainly an element of fall, they can be the ultimate pairing in the right setting. Consider bringing multiple colorful apples to truly make the room feel cohesive yet modern all at once. It’s about being warm, cozy and colorful.

Red Florals

Keep your decor minimal and simple by allowing your red florals to be the main focus while still keeping the decor sleek

Just because it’s getting cool doesn’t mean flowers have gone out of style. Besides the cranberry and collard greens, it’s time to bring as much color to a room as possible. Do so, by having a colorful centerpiece that offers red floral’s as a brightening hue that welcomes the room.

Gratitude signs

Go as bold as possible with your sign to truly make the room come to life in an overall manner.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and feeling blessed, which is why bringing in gratitude signs is the way to go. Not only are they sweet and nice to have but they can be as personal as you would like. Furthermore, you can customize it to your personal liking overall. It’s all about getting the most out of your decorative space. You can add these signs to an awkward corner to brighten the room overall.

Cozy Table

Bring an abundance of candles to truly bring that cozy touch to your dining room area

Sitting around the table to embrace a meal together is exactly what Thanksgiving is all about. Why not embrace it by making your table as cozy as possible. Bringing lights, a bench and even throw pillows to give it that warm feel that gives you that intimate approach that is cozy and sleek.

Mason Jars

Add ribbons to your mason jars to give them a feminine touch that feels cohesive

Regardless of what season or weather it is, mason jars are always a good idea. Furthermore, they seamlessly enhance any room decor. Bring in mason jars and fill them up with fall decor. Consider spreading them around the table or the room for a welcoming feel that doesn’t take away from the room’s appeal.

Go Minimal

Bring in a darker hue to ensure your decor is minimal yet not boring. It’s all about creating a contrast that makes the room feel sleek yet festive

Minimal decor has become a great form of bringing decor right when and where you need it without overbearing the room. It’s almost as if you get the most decor into the room as possible without taking away from what you already have. Its simple decor done the right way. Bring bits of color, but keep it mainly neutral for the ultimate display.

Take it Outside

Keep the decor as natural as possible to entangle your decor with the great outdoors. It makes the room feel cohesive and sleek all at once

If you are lucky enough to be able to spend time outside without freezing to death, take full advantage of it and place a table outside. Add string lights and give your outdoor space, a cozy touch by making it feel as welcoming and intimate as possible. It’s all about making the area feel festive without drowning it in decor.

Wood Display

Keep the decor as minimal as possible to ensure the surrounding is crisp while the wood plates make the room feel earthy

If you want to consider a unique way of displaying your food while still using plates, consider wood. Wood plates have become extremely popular due to their minimal yet chic touch. Whether you serve food or dessert, you want to make the plates the main focus as that will further push your decor forward.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, how do you plan on decorating? Share with us below


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