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Technovation 500 wall spout (Techno 500 Spout) from Cifial

Truly innovative design improves the function of a product; it often offers simple solutions that change the way we think about every day items. The Technovation 500 wall spout does just this. The Techno 500 Spout’s simple curving pipe creates a sophisticated and distinctive fixture that then releases mixing water below. The U-shaped form can then support a modern translucent soap dish. Soap and water are kept together in a single elegant unit, while providing the soap a perfect place to drain into the basin. The frosted plastic soap dish is easy to clean and comes in white, blue or black. Available from Cifal the Technovation 500 Wall Spout has chrome, polished nickel and brushed nickel finishes and starts at £129, 190 EUR, or $250 USD.


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