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Teak Gazebo by Usona Home – Dordoni outdoor furniture

You can take all the comfort of your living room to the great outdoors with the Dordoni Teak Gazebo: an exclusive item of Teak Outdoor Furniture from Usona Home. The high-quality teak gazebo has comfy cushions on a metal frame to provide a luxurious outdoors environment to relax in. Large enough to fit a number of friends, the Dordoni Gazebo could also be a romantic hideaway for you and your partner. The pretty, billowing curtains provide privacy whilst allowing you to feel the benefit of the breeze. A small raised table in the middle also means that the gazebo is ideal for before or after dinner nibbles, or perhaps coffee. An unusual addition to your garden that will be used and loved for so many years to come: the Dordoni Gazebo from Usona Home.


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