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Gazebo Ideas Your Home Needs

A gazebo always somehow has the ability to transport us to our favorite romantic novel or even another era. There is something about having a gazebo in your home that simply makes everything come together. They have become extremely popular, so much so that they are actually sold already assembled.

If you decide to go this route and purchase a fully assembled gazebo there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. Ranging from modest and modern to traditional and romantic. The following gazebo ideas will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a gazebo that will work best for your backyard décor.

Traditional Pergola

Consider planting flowers that are colorful to give your backyard some color naturally

Pergola gazebos typically provide shade and a place for flower vines to flourish. Traditionally, any flower vine surrounding the pergola will wrap itself around it. Therefore, providing more shade and color to your space.

Light the Way

Consider light wood the perfect gazebo option for any backyard as you can add as many colors as you would like

Consider adding lights to your gazebo this is an excellent way to add visual interest to your backyard. You may also want to consider adding your outdoor kitchen essentials under the gazebo for a cozy cooking and seating space. You can even add a fireplace to the space for an even more comfortable area.

Simple with Color

Bold tones such as orange, red and yellow are perfect to make a bold statement and create a focal point for your backyard space.

Have been considering adding color to your outdoor space but don’t want to fully rearrange your décor? If so adding a gazebo is one of the best ways to add color and a focal point to your backyard space. Gazebo structures tend to come in multiple different neutral tones. This works perfectly when you want to add bold color tones to your backyard space.

When seeking furniture for underneath your gazebo, look for bold colors that complement the neutral tones of your gazebo structure.

Add a Swing Bed

The swing bed you place extended from your gazebo does not need to be big. Consider having a small bed that offers the vacation aesthetics you seek

A swing bed under a gazebo is the perfect accessory for any backyard living space. In fact, it can give you the vacation vibes you have always wanted right in your backyard. The great thing about a swing bed is they can be customized to your liking and your living space. Light tones with a warm glow is the best way to go.

Poolside Gazebo

Although, your gazebo does not need to be placed near the pool. There is something very tropical about it and lets not forget it is also very convenient.

Gazebos are typically placed around the backyard area in hopes of creating a relaxing space. Keeping that in mind the next time you are looking for the perfect area to place your gazebo in consider placing it by the pool. A pool side gazebo gives the perfect illusion of a vacation space. Not only that, but it allows you to be able to go from the pool into your very own relaxing oasis.

An Extension of Your Home

Adding colorful plants around your gazebo area add a sense of color and help bring the indoor décor, outdoors.

Building a pergola, gazebo right off of the house is the perfect way to extend your indoor living space into your outdoor space. Consider extending your indoor décor to your outdoor space to blend the two seamlessly.

Outdoor Dining and Seating Area

For an upscale look add a wooden fireplace under your gazebo along with your seating area.

Consider placing your outdoor dining seating area right under your gazebo. For an outdoor space that is shielded from the sun at all times of the day. You can even add a fire pit for cozy touch.

Outdoor Shower

Your outdoor shower does not need to be hidden. Instead include it into your outdoor décor for a tropical feel even when you are being home.

A gazebo is the perfect excuse to add an outdoor shower. This provides not only shade, but it is also an excellent way to avoid people coming inside the home after a swim and leaving water marks everywhere. It’s a decorative touch with practical purpose.

Step into Modern

You can add color to your sectional or keep it monotone for a rustic outdoor feel.

If you have been thinking of giving your backyard space a modern twist. Consider having a gazebo that doubles as a contemporary seating area. Adding a sectional that is directly built from the pergola gives a modern upgrade to the traditional pergola style

Green is The New Neutral

If you don’t want to go fully green consider painting the roof and adding green accessories to finish the look.

Over time gazebos will begin to show a bit of wear and tear. If that is the case it is time to give it a fresh new coat of paint. Instead, of painting it another shade of neutral, consider painting it green. Green is the new neutral shade it pairs well with all outdoor shades such as orange, pinks and even white.

As gazebos continue to become extremely popular it is time to upgrade the look of yours, Please, tell us below which gazebo idea you must try in your home.


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