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Talis new Bath Faucet Line from Hansgrohe – It’s Your Choice!

The Talis collection is a new bath faucet line from Hansgrohe that offers high-quality faucets at affordable prices. Hansgrohe recognizes that outstanding design can reach a wider audience when it costs less but still looks fantastic. With attractive joystick handle operation, the faucets are user-friendly and perfectly at ease with themselves. Although Talis is only one of the company’s ranges, you’ll find it surprisingly adaptable to a variety of different taste as it is offered in three different styles. Included in the range are E for Elegance, S for Style and C for Classic to choose from according to your design stance. Pictured here is the smart C range; E features a flattened joystick handle and S sports a modern diagonal angle. All types of fixtures are available to carry the look right through your bath, from basin mixers to showers and tub fillers. All available now from Hansgrohe.



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