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Suspended Staircase Design

These suspended staircase designs are highly interesting to say the least. Comfortably disorienting, these staircases use a sort of design reversal that redirects the flow of the interior because they don’t touch the floor. The area underneath them is totally free of obstruction, which results in gaining floor space. In these particular examples the materials used for the stairs are the same as those used on the floor, which encourages a smooth integration and continuity in the space. Because they are enclosed and solid on the sides, these staircases feel a bit mysterious, as if entering them means transportation into the unknown. The first staircase is part of a home designed by SoHo Architektur (photo credit: Rainer Detzlaff) and the second is a feature of the Galvani House by Christian Pottgiesser (photo credit: Gert von Bassewitz).



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