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Stainless Steel Kitchen sinks from Suter – Super Versatile sinks

Suter kitchen sink in stainless steel
The stainless steel kitchen sinks from Suter will fit into any type of kitchen – whether you are a space-confined city dweller or a country living type looking for something more expansive. Double sinks offer a great level of practicality, as do the more compact additions such as integrated drainers and chopping boards. The flush-mount kitchen sinks mean that the sink and work surface are all on one level, without seams, so that crumbs and spills can be wiped directly into the sink. Another attractive option is the under-mount bowls, which keeps the focus firmly on the gorgeous stone or solid wood surfaces. Interestingly, top mount sinks are also experiencing a surge in popularity due to their slightly retrospective edge. Suter caters for all tastes and spaces and sparkling stainless steel makes for an attractive look anywhere.
Or how about this gorgeous stainless steel sink from Blanco?
Suter double bowl under-mount kitchen sink with chopping board
Suter flush-mount kitchen sink with drainer

Suter counter integrated kitchen sink with drainer


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