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5 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

Your coffee table is many things all at once: a place to set your drinks, or meals, a place to stash away the remote, a foot rest and last but not least a decorative aspect of your home. Many individuals are not aware of this, but having a coffee table in your living room space can make your entire room design come together effortlessly.

However, with little to no design guidance, your coffee table can quickly become a cluttered mess. Or even a disappointment of useless items that will never work well with your coffee table. To help guide you towards design success, we have put together a guide that will help you style your coffee table the right way.

Think of The Number 3

The rule of 3 adds a clean yet consecutive appearance to your coffee table.

The number 3 has always been a good number when it comes to home décor. It is sort of the silent style rule, everyone knows about it, however, not every shares it. When it comes to the décor of your coffee table three is considered a powerful number. The reason being regardless of the shape, and/or size of the table a collection of three items is pretty much a fool proof way of having a beautiful coffee table décor.

Play with Height

In the image above the homeowner decided to use three different items to give the illusion of height variations.

When you are looking for the perfect items to place on your coffee table consider using pieces with different height factors. This gives you a chic appearance while still being elegant. When looking for pieces with different height factors consider using books to give you the elevation you want without cluttering the space.

Books always stackable and they can be used as a base for multiple different items such as plants, candles or vases. They are also an excellent way to add layers to your display.

Candles and Flowers

A unique way to display candles and flowers.

Adding candles and/or flowers is one of the most popular items to add to your coffee table. Flowers add freshness to the table while candles give you the intimate feel you would want in your living room space. When choosing flowers and/or candles for your table consider using different colors to add a pop of color or to coordinate with your décor.

When choosing the items on your coffee table always keep in mind the décor of your space. The pieces you choose should not interfere with the color scheme or the style you already have going on. Remember to always keep in mind that your coffee table is an accessory to your living room space.

Add a Rug

Add a rug that works with your décor will add texture and characteristics to your living space.

If you are working with a glass table or your any other coffee table is in need of something extra, we recommend adding a rug. Many times, the pieces you put on top of the coffee table are just as important as what goes under the coffee table as well. In the case of a glass table, you will come to the realization that adding a rug with a cool asymmetrical design or a bold color can add a splash of intrigue design to your living room space.

Different Pieces Are Good

You can use anything to enhance your coffee table. They key is to bring attention just like the image above.

When you think of your coffee table you may want to buy two of your favorite pieces and place them on the coffee table completely symmetrical especially if you have a square table. The truth of the matter is this can cause your table to look monotone instead of fresh and vibrant.

Consider using different pieces that catch your eye and build your coffee table from there. In this case, the rule of 3 would work well and will give you the elegant appearance that you seek. However, adding a few more pieces will work well as well. Remember the rule of 3 is a rule, not a policy. Therefore, it should be used as a guideline when in doubt of how to style your coffee table best.

When looking for pieces to add to your coffee table consider your coffee table to be one of the focal points of your living room. Therefore, the pieces you choose to place on it should work well with your already established décor. When in doubt remember, to keep it simple, many home owners will struggle with finding the perfect pieces to add to their décor because they over analyze what they should add. Instead, consider using simple pieces that add color, texture or uniqueness to your desired area.


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