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Cool Stress-free Kitchen Updates for 2020

One of the most loved and used spaces of a home is the kitchen, we look there, we sometimes work there and most importantly we make memories. With that being said, the kitchen gets a whole lot of use and boy do we love it. However, if you have been in your kitchen often this quarantine then you know the space can feel like it needs a revamp. Whether, that is moving furniture around, giving it a deep clean, adding new pieces that brighten the room, or simply giving it a fresh coat of paint updating your space can instantly boost the appeal of the room and make it feel brand new. Here are a few stress-free kitchen updates for 2020 that will immediately give you a fresh vibe.

Hang Artwork

Use colorful artwork to make the room have an edge with just a hint of charm that is colorful yet engaging.

Though the kitchen isn’t the very first place you might think of adding artwork too, the space itself can make excellent use of art. Art is one of those elements that not only add character and charm but it allows you to make a statement without having to take away from the room overall. Take full advantage of the plain walls and fully embrace it. Bring in chic images that add color and texture to the room without going overboard. It’s all about having a piece of the room lighting up on its own. Add repetitive art for a charming appeal.

Farmhouse Accents

Bring in as much wood to make the room feel as farmhouse as possible without overwhelming the room.

There is nothing like a farmhouse accent. Farmhouses have the stigma of being warm, cozy, and welcoming- who doesn’t want to feel that every time they enter their kitchen?! To bring a farmhouse touch, consider bringing in as much wood as possible at and keeping it airy. It’s all about making the room feel unique and chic while still being calming and engaging. Furthermore, it makes your kitchen feel like home no matter what the rest of your décor is.

Load up on Lighting

Whether you use the same type of lighting every time or you diversify your fixtures, you always want to have smaller lighting to help the room feel as bright as possible.

If there is one thing that will make the room come to life is lighting. Lighting works by making any awkward spot appear brighter even if the space is quite small. The key is working with multiple light fixtures and making them the main focus of the room. Consider bringing in light fixtures that are large enough to fill the room yet do not take away from your overall facts. It’s all about making the room have a chic appeal while still being charming and bright. Bring in a chandelier and add other light fixtures around for that cohesive charming appeal.

Furniture-like Island

Work with a wooden island to fully embrace the room and give it that charming that feels cozy yet modern.

Though nobody can deny the fact that kitchen islands are practical, charming, and extremely useful. However, one thing most islands do not have is additional space. With that being said, consider the idea of bringing a furniture-like island and having it become a versatile piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to look practical the key is making it functional enough that you can use it for multiple different reasons, whether that is eating, or storing food.

Paint your Cabinets

Take your kitchen to the next level by using a bold hue, pair it with darker bits for a contrasting appeal that makes sense to the room.

Anyone who reads our website frequently then you know how much we love the idea of painting your cabinets. Painted cabinetry is one of the easiest ways to make a room come to life. Furthermore, it enables you to give the kitchen a fresh new vibe without having to completely change up your décor. Use bold, vibrant hues from a modern touch that has a hint of new or go dark for that edge that screams “vintage chic.” Keep in mind, you want your cabinets to be the same hue so that every area of the room is as cohesive as the next.

Texture, Please

For that bold texture work with a daring wallpaper. It makes a huge difference without taking away from the room’s organic approach.

There is nothing quite like having texture in a room, it adds color, character, and style by simply being displayed. Add multiple different textures such as plants, patterns, and colors for a bold appeal that easily makes the room come to life. Creating a bold texture makes the room have a sense of style that is inevitable to not admire. You might want to the texture you use the spotlight of the room by working on one area at a time. Never overwhelm the room, simply work with what the room has to offer and workaround for that seamless aesthetic.

Add Fresh Hardware

Consider using brass for endless amounts of vintage flair that feels nature and authentic yet modern and chic.

Completely changing your hardware could be just what your kitchen needs for a new twist. There is something about changing your hardware that will instantly make a room come to life. Whether you use unique ones that are extremely modern, or you go for a more traditional vibe you want your new hardware to be just as charming as the rest of the room.


Whatever luxury pieces you decide to bring in remember to add a hint of marble. Marble is perfect for a contrast that engages the room and its luxury feel.

When it comes to making a kitchen feel more modern, and fresh consider changing your appliances and going with luxury. Whether you bring in a new refrigerator or a new stove it’s all about making your luxury element the main appeal. It should be the first thing people notice in a room without being too obvious. The key is creating a balance by splurging on the material that is mostly used in the room.

Open Shelving

Add a plant or two to break down your displayed pieces while adding a hint of color

There is nothing like not having enough room to store your favorite items, which is where having open shelving will come into place. Open shelving works well in any space that needs something extra, but you don’t want to bring new décor. Additionally, it works well when you want to keep the space as open as possible while embracing what the rest of the room has to offer. Consider displaying your finest china and keeping the space chic and minimal.

Mix and Match your Furniture

Bring in colorful stools that come in an array of patterns to truly complete the look overall.

Not every single furniture in your kitchen needs to match bringing in new pieces that match each other is perfect for those that want to have something unique in the room that isn’t overbearing it. Consider mixing and matching your stools, consider bringing in multiple different hues or even patterns and sizes for that engaging look that is charming with a hint of unique. Furthermore, use stools in different sizes for the ultimate contrast.

It’s time to embrace your kitchen and have it come to life! Which of these ideas are you interested in trying? Share with us below.


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