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Strange and Beautiful Furniture by Desalto

This contemporary furniture from Desalto has style in spades. The “Element” line of tables (above) has hard geometric angles for a modern look. Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka, created this series with a single central support that seems to challenge the law of gravity. The “Softer than Steel” collection (chairs shown below) is almost avant-garde art! Created by the Japanese designer, Nendo, the line consists of chairs, small tables, a coat stand and shelves. The curves of the backs of these chairs are so spectacular, it’s very difficult to believe these are made from metal. It’s been flipped, wrapped, bent – and we love the result. The “Riga” chair (see below) couldn’t be more different. Constructed from polypropylene and fiberglass, they are lightweight, stackable and practical. They are also suitable for outdoor use and available in a wide range of colors. Creating fantastic furniture since the 1950s, we hope Desalto of Italy continues on their path of high quality design and manufacturing for another 60 years!

From the “Softer than Steel” collection.
From the “Riga” collection.
More information: Desalto


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