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Flowing Spiral Wood Staircase is a Work of Art

This is one of the most jaw dropping wood staircases we have ever seen. When one thinks of a spiral staircase, the wrought iron model comes to mind with narrow stairs, open backs. When Carney Logan Burke (CLB) Architects built Rabbit Brush Residence in Jackson, Wyoming, they had something else in mind. Such elegant solid wood paneling up a fully closed railing makes this stairway so stunning. It puts us in mind of a yacht staircase – on the most magnificent yacht you could imagine! And it’s tucked back in the corner so succinctly. It seems to belong there. And if you weren’t looking for it, you might miss it. It looks like it grew there, doesn’t it? That’s the height of great architecture – when pieces look natural, native and indigenous. Kudos all round.

See the rest of the Rabbit Brush Residence at CLB Architects website.


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