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Spectacular Halloween DéCor You Need This Fall

Halloween: the holiday where everything orange and black takes center stage when it comes to home décor.  Every holiday we always want to add some sort of décor that screams that we are in the holiday spirit. Despite being a favorite holiday for kids and most adults Halloween can be a bit demanding when it comes to décor.

Halloween decoration tends to be bold and in your face with some sort of scary or mystical feel. However, when done properly Halloween decoration can actually be elegant yet eerie all at once. The following spectacular Halloween décor will make you want to keep them up all year round.

Linen Pumpkins

Linen pumpkins come in all different shapes, sizes, and even colors. This works great as you can choose different tones to place around your home instead of sticking to one common palette. Place them all around your home for a cute touch of Halloween cheer.

Forget orange, bright, and bold pumpkins consider, linen pumpkins instead. Linen pumpkins add a rustic touch without the boldness of color. They can be placed on top of your table in different size stacks or along your stairway for a fall look that is still Halloween inspired in a more elegant manner.

Skull Pieces

Decorating with skulls is actually easier than you may think. The key is working with your surroundings. Choose colors that work well with your decor but will stand out all at once. Neutral colors are excellent for this kind of decor because they work well with everything and look spooky.

Skull pieces can be a bit trickier as they are edgier than most décor. But they make amazing statement pieces. Take a few different sized skull pieces and place them around the home. Not only will this great focus point around your home, but it will also create conversation around your décor as well. If you want a rustic take on skulls, use older metallic looking skulls. Meanwhile, if you want an elegant more upscale look select pieces that have rhinestones.

Boney Details

Although you can choose to use only a few bone details in your home. You can also take a direct approach and use a Skelton has the main attraction in your home. Consider taking your fireplace to the next level and make it your full-on Halloween decor section.

Bones are great Halloween décor. Especially if you use them the right way. Sprinkle different size bones inside of a vase for and place it in the middle of your dining table or on your kitchen island. Or even consider having bones placed together on a dish for a spooky vibe that is Halloween instead yet trendy.


Lanterns with some sort of intricate shape or design are best as they give the illusion of more charm in the space. Another great thing you can do with your lanterns is inserting a little object inside that brings the decor home.

Lanterns are great for every season and holiday, especially for fall. There is something very warm and rustic about them. Black iron lanterns are perfect for a Halloween inspired feel that is still useful. Place lanterns outside of your home or even indoors for a twist that is hard to miss.

Pumpkin Cloches

The beauty of cloches is that they are environmentally friendly while coming in multiple different shades. They can also be placed all around the home and look beautiful even outdoors. Darker tones are great when you add lights inside of them as the color truly stands out. 

If you have never heard of cloches, you will be glad you have now. Cloches are glass blown different shape décor made out of recycled glass. In this case, pumpkin cloches are perfect for a glamorous twist on your Halloween décor. Choose clear ones and fill them with lights or even darker ones for a variety of colors and feel. Place them on top of your table or even on a bench.

Faux Pumpkin

Faux pumpkins are excellent outdoors. They don’t get damaged and they can withstand multiple different weather conditions. Plus let’s not forget they also come interesting patterns, colors, and appeal.

Not a fan of carving and painting pumpkins, but still want to add color and holiday cheer? We have the answer for you. The answer is faux pumpkins. Faux pumpkins come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Place them outdoors for the perfect holiday cheer. You can stack them, spread them around or place them according to their sizes. With so many options you can choose multiple different ways to decorate with them.

Creepy Accent Pillows

We are all aware of the wonderful benefits that accent pillow bring to a room. However, when done properly accent pillows can do more than just add color they can help put an entire theme together. Have accent pillows added with pattern pillow for the ultimate blend.

Sometimes when we are decorating we don’t want anything that screams a holiday instead we want something that has a holiday feel but can easily be replaced. That is what accent pillows do they bring color and diversity to the room, but can be replaced with other accent pillows frequently. Creep accent pillows bring the Halloween vibes into your living room while still being modern and functional.

Black and Gold

You truly cannot go wrong with black and gold decor. There is something charming yet bold about having these two colors together. Whether you choose to use pumpkins or other Halloween items. These two colors will always work well together.

You can never go wrong with black and gold when it comes to fall and Halloween décor. These colors scream elegant while still having an edge. Place different black and gold items around the home to add hints of Halloween décor that your guests will not be able to miss.

Sweet Tooth Display

Since Halloween revolves around candy it is only right to have a display of them somewhere in the home. You want to display different colored candies that can be easily grabbed and refilled. To add a touch of more Halloween decor make tags with Halloween related names.

Candy is a must for Halloween. Therefore, why not display it and make it one of the main attractions in your home. This is extremely easy to do as you can simply purchase clear jars and place an array of colorful candy inside.


Although we love the idea of black and having black candle holders for an edgy look. You can also choose to use white or a metallic shade. This will have a less edgy look but with the same Halloween feel.

If you have always wanted to use long candlestick holders, but couldn’t figure out exactly when was the perfect time to use them. This is the time to use them. Candlesticks emphasis elegant spook especially if they are black and in a black candlestick holder. Place these on a table in your home for a twist on your spooky decor.

Fall has arrived and Halloween is right around the corner, how will you have your home an elegant, chic Halloween vibe? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


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