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Space Planning for Open Floor Plan Living – on a budget

space planning open floor plan living 1 Space Planning for Open Floor Plan Living – on a budget
Small open floor plan living requires thoughtful space planning. Especially if you have a limited budget and you want a functional, stylish and comfortable space. This Swedish home shows you can have all that without breaking the bank. The owners wanted a simple and completely open space that included living, sleeping and cooking facilities. They didn’t mind having the washing facilities outside the home – sort of unconventional, but with this they were able to maximize the use of this space. Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box. With this in mind, the architects, dinelljohansson, began the planning process. The kitchen in the middle of the space and on either side are two plywood ‘boxes’ which house beds and allow for usable space above. See the children’s playroom up there? Large windows and skylights allow extra light and keep the space feeling big and bright. The owners had a lot of time to allocate for the building of this home and used basic and relatively inexpensive materials (plywood, concrete, steel sheet cladding), using the leftovers from the construction to build a lot of the furniture. This is how they were able to keep costs low. They also did a lot of the work themselves and with the help of friends and unskilled workers. They did a fantastic job. The home is modern and lively and shows that with some time, creative thinking and a little elbow grease you can attain the stylish contemporary home of your dreams.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Toll
via ArchDaily

space planning open floor plan living 2 Space Planning for Open Floor Plan Living – on a budget



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