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Solid Wood Beds – Fusion bed with upholstered headboard by Zeitraum

Sweet dreams can be yours every night in this solid wood bed by Zeitraum. More than just a bed, the Fusion bed with an upholstered headboard is a statement in modern style. Available in a wide range of solid wood varieties including Beech, Oak, Knotty Oak, Maple, American Cherry, American Walnut, European Walnut and Amazakoue, this wood bed will cradle you all night long. The one-piece headboard boasts a slight slant, creating an ergonomic spot to recline while reading or watching TV in bed, and delivering contemporary cozy comfort with its plush look and feel. Measuring 235cm in length, 65cm high and with a bed frame that’s 32cm high, this bed supports a slatted base system and is adjustable to suit your specifications. For more info on these stylish solid wood beds, visit Zeitraum.



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