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Soft Leather Coffee Table by Finne Architects

The MYK coffee table is both a soft and visceral focal point to any room and a multi purpose table, seat or leg support. The playful organic shape to MYK is an awesome artistic example of a sculptural form with a purpose. The word “myk” in Norwegian means “soft” and with a construction of leather wrapped foam; the MYK table is certainly that.

With a steel base that lifts the leather volumes above the floor by 10″, the forms appear to float and merge into irregular compositions with a landscape appeal – which is not by accident as the shapes where inspired by terrain morphology.
The playful, naturalistic spirit of MYK is as beautiful up close as it is from a distance and with overall dimensions of 7′-3″Lx2′-10″Wx1′-3″H it will command attention wherever it is featured.


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