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Small Space Living with Multiple Hidden Functions

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Elii Architects, renovated a tiny loft apartment located in the center of Madrid, Spain into a home with multifunctional spaces that are easily adapted to specific needs by way of innovative design additions. Called Didomestic, the loft includes areas that are part of every day life with a few fun additions added in for a personal touch. Using both raw materials and color blocking the functionality of Didomestic revolves around the Lavender and translucent cube within the center of the volumes. This cube represents the core of the two zones and integrates the stairs, some shelves and a kitchen pantry as well as a series of sliding panels that can reconfigure in a myriad of configurations to create a variety of private or open areas. They can even create a guest room if need be.

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On one side of the cube there are barely noticeable compartments within the chipboard ceiling and located on the wall are two hand operated cranks that when turned, reveal the function behind the compartments via pulley systems.
Within the cube itself is a stairwell that leads to both the bathroom and the bedroom. The entry to the stairwell can be left open or closed off via a sliding panel.


The first of the ceiling compartments lowers down to reveal shelving.


A second ceiling compartment lowers a swing.


Then there are the compartments that conceal attachments for a hammock, one with fans to create a cool breeze on those extra warm days, and even one with a disco ball for party nights.


The kitchen is located on the other side of the cube and here too there are hidden compartments, sliding panels and a drop down prep counter. Just behind the kitchen is the location of the bathroom.


Compartments in the kitchen ceiling hide a table and two benches.


The cube itself doubles as both access to the upstairs zones and as a private downstairs dressing area when its surrounding panels are closed off.


Upstairs, tucked into an end wall is where a sunken tub is located and next to it is a floor compartment that holds all the necessities for a luxurious soak.


Next to the tub compartment is another floor compartment that converts into a makeup station and next to that is the bedroom area, which also has a floor compartment, rather then a night stand.
Elii Architects
Photography by Miguel de Guzman



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