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Small kitchens to steal creativity from

Being limited to square footage can discourage anyone from wanting to decorate their space to its full potential. But what if we told you, you don’t have to be afraid of having a smaller space, as you can create the room of your dreams by drawing inspiration from smaller spaces. The following small kitchens are not only creative, but they focus on the idea of having what you need in one space and making it look and feel effortless.

Crisp Lines

Add wooden stools if you want to keep the space as chic as possible.

If you don’t want to disrupt your décor at all, bring in crisp lines and allow them to be the focus. When concentrating on crisp lines you want to keep in mind that sharp lines will make any room look and feel sharp. The key is working with the outline the room already has and running with it. Bring a bold kitchen island and have it become the statement. Pair it with bold stools and magically the kitchen has come to life.


If you truly want to get adventurous, choose two backsplashes and layer them. Doing so creates a focus that makes the room come to life.

Having a backsplash can go a long way. Many homeowners are afraid of them as they don’t know how it will transform their desired room. Having a backsplash can instantly upgrade your kitchen. The key is working with a color wave that will go well with what you have while giving the room a chic appeal aesthetic. Going with a grand approach will easily make the room come to life.


You don’t necessary need to have a large island, you can have a smaller one and use it for numerous different reasons. It will instantly create that chic appearance that makes the room feel spacious.

When the square footage is small, there are certain sacrifices you have to make to make the most of it. That is when having a multi-functional area comes into play. Work with an island and make it everything you need and more. Whether you use it as a spare space to prep food or you bring in your children for homework while you cook. Keeping the space, clear, and ensuring you can use it multiple different ways is key.

Bold Mirrored Backsplash

Your mirrored backsplash doesn’t need to be silver or white it can be black for an edgy twist.

If you want to make a statement that will instantly make the room look and feel bigger go for a mirrored backsplash. Having a mirrored backsplash allows light to reflect and bounce off, making it the main focus with an expansive feel. Furthermore, it adds a little sass right where and when you want it. Consider it the perfect way to add your bold personality while still having texture.

One Tone

If having two tones can make the room feel charming and chic one tone can create character. The key is working with different levels of the same hue for that cohesive appeal.

When you want to emphasize the idea of having a bigger than what you see kitchen, you want to focus on using only one tone throughout. It’s about using one tone that will fit well throughout the entire room and allow it to flow. You could even consider this idea a “disappearing act” as the kitchen will appear larger, but you won’t have to do much besides using that one shade.

Pots Hung High

If you don’t want to display them in the center of your kitchen, consider putting them above your stove for easy access that makes a statement.

Instead of having your pots displayed and cluttered bring them up and make them a statement piece. We love the idea of taking all of your pots and pans and transforming them into a bold piece. Doing so not only allows you to clean some clutter but it instantly adds a rustic appeal to your kitchen. By bringing a high statement piece you are virtually elongating your smaller kitchen.

Compact Design

It’s simple when working with appliances, you want to have the best of the best but in smaller sizes.

Just because your kitchen is of smaller size doesn’t mean you can’t have all the bells and whistles in it. You want to work with a compact design and have it become the focus. Instead of purchasing the large appliances consider the smaller ones to make that seamless statement. Furthermore, the smaller your appliances the easier it is to integrate them and have a few.

Work with Smart Lighting

Bring in different lights to make the room come to life, or use the same ones for a cohesive touch. The idea is to have both a once.

Lighting is key in any room you’re decorating particularly if it is smaller in size. When you’re working with a smaller room, it’s important to bring in smart light fixtures. Smart fixtures not only make the room feel grander, but it removes any darker spaces that can shrink the area. It’s all about focusing on the areas that need a brightening touch without going overboard, using a multitude of lights to truly bring the room to life.


It’s all about keeping it minimal yet modern and engaging. Furthermore, focus on what square footage you have and work around that for the ultimate appeal.

One thing modern kitchens have in common is that no matter their size you always can count on the idea that they will feel grand. This is mainly due to modern kitchens having a minimal policy. They typically have a minimal approach when it comes to décor. Whether that is due to not having enough space or simply want to be chic. A modern kitchen will instantly feel grander without having to go overboard.


Add a darker hue for a contrasting bit that emphasizes on the square footage of the room, while giving it drama and dimension

There is nothing quite as inviting as having a bright kitchen. It just feels good to go into a kitchen that is bright and airy. Use shades of white and marble to create a chic effect with kitchen essentials. You can almost say creating a bright display will instantly create a more welcoming space. Finish it off with steel touches for a contemporary aspect.

How charming are these smaller kitchens? Share with us your ideas and how you plan on expanding on your space in the comments below.



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