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Small Home with Huge Personality filled with Creatively Unique Ideas


A small, 45sqm, almost square home in Moscow, Russia was creatively designed by INT2architecture to make the most of what little space there is. Divided into four different zones – each with their own distinct pastel palette – the home enters between the pink bedroom and yellow bathroom before leading to the blue and green living room and green and yellow kitchen with a quaint sky blue back porch off of the kitchen and a green bar zone divides the kitchen from the living room. The decision to define the zones with colour, pattern and whimsy was a creatively smart choice – but easily overdone. Luckily for the clients of INT2architects, the designers created colour vignettes that are both balanced and harmonious, giving this small space not only a large personality but also a sense of fun.


The living room – as with the rest of the house – has walls of painted brick and the texture within the white walls creates a soft backdrop to the smooth surfaces of the fibreglass shell chair and steel coffee table. Breaking up the brick pattern is a canvas of wood boards painted in a geometric diamond pattern with the various pastels used throughout the home and next to it is a stunning black and white close up of an owl that stands out for its lack of pastel hues.

Across from the seating area in the living zone is another brick wall that has been opened up to create a bar area between the kitchen and living areas. Featuring mint green bar stools – a colour not used in the living room, this is clearly a new zone. With the brick removed the architects clad the face of the bar with another geometric wood panel design – only this time instead of colour, the pattern is created with wood direction and stains.

Within the kitchen 2 more bar stools face the bar top creating a dining area for up to four and when wine is on the menu, wine storage is just below the countertop and right beside it within a wall of blackboard paint. Adding to the whimisical “bar” atmosphere of the bar is the choice of crate wood on the BAR sign and on the two cabinets above. The crate wood might even have come from wine crates.

On the opposite kitchen wall is the prep and storage space. Although tiny, the kitchen speaks volumes with its large multicoloured tiles on the backsplash and the bright yellow mat on the floor.

Just off of the kitchen is a narrow porch fitted with sky blue army boxes as seats, wall mounted cushions for comfort and a teeny tiny wall mounted table for drinks etc. Taking advantage of the vertical space botanical prints are mounted over the word “grow” – now if that isn’t whimsical I don’t know what is.

The other side of the porch has been fitted as a small library and greenhouse for the client complete with a chair to look out the windows with the sky blue trim.

The closed in porch is directly opposite the entry which is just down a hall on the other end of the kitchen. Love this 2nd black and white photo of a moose – it tames the colours within the tiled wall – who new a wild animal could do that?

The foyer features a 3rd black and white photo of nature, only this time it is of an antelope. Next to it is a bright yellow door that is a closet and opposite that door is another bright yellow door leading to the bathroom. Notice the “BAR” sign on the blackboard wall has been flipped down to create a serving counter.

The bathroom opens to the tub on the right and the toilet and vanity on the left. Just in case there was any doubt as to what this room’s purpose is, all you have to do is read the words chosen for the scrabble pictorial within the tiles surrounding the tub. Just another creatively fun vignette within a house that shouldn’t have room for so many – but does thanks to the skill of the designer.

While the tub facing featured reclaimed wood boards, the vanity is all about white and the toilet is all about black. Northern nature has bee left behind in favour of monkey art and scrabble continues to make its appearance in the water symbol above the sink and the on air blocks phrase above the toilet. In case you missed it, the ON AIR references the microphone the monkey is talking into. Seriously, someone had a lot of fun with this room!

At the end of the hall, around the corner and across from the living room is the bedroom. To save on space the room has been elevated onto a platform and fitted with a curtain instead of walls and doorway.

The platform brings in much needed extra storage since the closet within the room is small. Modern pegs are also mounted on the brick wall for additional hanging space.

The drawers within the platform are only so deep but a trap door with floor mounted hinges on one side of the bed accesess additional storage for the room. When there’s a will, there’s a way – all you have to do is “believe”



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