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Small Bedroom Design Solutions

A small bedroom can feel claustrophobic, be less than ideal and can make you feel like you can’t decorate your space the way you would want to. But with a bit of strategic styling can completely change the space without having that “stuffy” feel most small bedrooms are known to have. Here are design solutions that will bring your small bedroom back to life.

Use Built-ins

Built-in shelves are perfect for a small bedroom due to their nature of being multipurpose. You can use them as a bookshelf, for small trinkets, as a display or for numerous different reasons.

Built-in shelving or bedroom furniture is perfect for added storage without taking up much space. Pair with simple décor for the maximum coverage of the space while still having sensible decorative pieces. It also creates a simple atmosphere.

Skip the headboard

If you must have a headboard but do not want the harshness of one, consider having barn doors replace your headboard. doing so will take away the heaviness of a headboard and provide an easy backup that offers a rustic appeal.

We are all well-aware of how beautiful a headboard can be. However, for a smaller space skipping having a headboard could be just what the room needs to feel bigger. Instead of having a headboard consider working on creating a bed that flows with the space to create a seamless decorative feel.

Choose a Daybed

Daybeds are perfect for a smaller bedroom because they transform into a sofa once they are closed. This allows you to have a two in one function while saving space. Pair with a fun rug to bring the bedroom back to life and add much-needed texture. 

If you live in a small apartment or your bedroom is smaller than you would like, you may want to use a daybed that transforms into a couch when put together. Doing so creates a multitasking effect that also works for saving space.

Go Bold

If you want to go bold but do not want to use bold shades in the space consider creating a contemporary industrial space. Doing so will bring a bold appearance without the use of many colors. Instead, you replace color with industrial pieces that are daring yet simple at the same time.

Bright, bold colors can make a small bedroom have a grander impact. Doing so brings that daring effect that also allows the room to make the impact it would if it was a lot bigger. Stay away from darker hues as they have a shrinking effect.

Mount Lights

Wall mounts are perfect for lighting the space while not taking up much space but at the same time bringing that classic appeal. Consider adding candles to your bedroom for extra lighting that still feels intimate. Pair with a simple decor that allows the light fixtures to make a bold statement. 

Sconces are smaller and can be placed anywhere. Which is exactly what you want to use instead of lamps. Lamps take up a lot of space which is not as great when you have a smaller space. Consider using mount lights on your headboard or even close to the bed to allow light to come in without any use of lamps.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are great because they expand the space. Whether you have an ultra small bedroom or a medium size bedroom adding mirrors will force the room to appear twice as large due to their reflective abilities. Keep the decor simple to allow the mirrors to make the impact they are meant to have. Use mirrors of multiple different sizes to bring different shapes and shades. 

We love mirrors for any room, but especially in smaller rooms due to their ability to draw in light f rom multiple different angles. Add them around for that brightening effect that brings everything together while still providing a visual expansion.

Create Cozy

Dark rooms add the cozy appeal that is hard to achieve otherwise. Take it another step further by adding darker pieces mixed with metallics and an even grander wallpaper. Bringing the darker touches makes it feel cozy and calmingly.

Amp up the cozy appeal for a well-rounded aesthetics that brings about a grand effect. Use a darker hue on the walls for that symbol of cozy and pair it with lighter hues for a cozy feel that does not take the life away from the room or make it look smaller.

Repetitive Pattern

A repetitive pattern is great when you want to layout a thicker wallpaper that makes sense but still has that simple appeal to it. The hue is having the wallpaper be the main focus. So you may even want to consider having it in multiple different places around the room instead of just on the wall.

Take your space and have a pattern that is repeated throughout the space, multiple different times from the walls, to your décor. Bringing that common denominator in the room to make a big impact without taking away from the space.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple means you don’t have many decors pieces yet you have enough decor that the space feels custom and personalized to you without taking up too much from the room. Add a rug to cover flooring that may need a bit more of texture and color.

Keeping it simple is an excellent way to avoid over cluttering the space and taking away from the square footage. Keep it simple by only using the décor pieces that you need not addition furniture that will only take away from the space. Furthermore, you want to add pieces that brighten up the room while still keeping it versatile.


Wallpaper in important when you want to bring personality to a bedroom that still makes sense. Add a colorful wallpaper to complete the appeal of the bedroom. You may even want to add pattern for that bold aesthetics. Pair with simple furniture decor to allow the space to breathe on its own.

Use wallpaper as a bold feature. Instead of just using one shade on your walls for a pop of color, use a daring wallpaper that brings personality without taking away from the size of the room. Furthermore, a bold wallpaper brings that focal point to the room.

Place your bed against a window

Add curtains behind your bed for a completed look that makes sense and brings a feminine touch. The feminine appeal brings a full aesthetics that is charming and classic. Use colorful curtains to add color even when you don’t have the space to add colorful furniture.

Lighting is important. Therefore, taking as much natural light as possible is great to keep your bed right against the window to bring a more well-rounded environment. Skip the headboard to create an airy space.

A small room doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want in it, it simply means you will have to readjust the space. Which of these ideas will you be using in your bedroom? Share with us below.


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