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Slinky Ultra-Mod Chair by Infinity of Italy

slinky ultra mod chair by infinity of italy 1 thumb 630x466 23929 Slinky Ultra Mod Chair by Infinity of Italy

“When a Moving Line Becomes a Poem” — they aren’t kidding, are they? Designed by the young German designer Andreas Otswald for Infiniti, this chair has flow. In fact, it looks like it could sashay across the floor by itself. The seat is rigid polyurethane and the base is die-cast aluminum. It’s such an intriguing chair – there’s a femme fatale feel about it. Available in three colors – black, white and red, it is the ghost of a Japanese character, still flowing and moving but present and stationary. It’s a great pleasure in life to have furniture that is also art – and this is that. A Japanese inspiration by a German designer, made by masters in Italy. It’s a sculpture as much as a chair, don’t you think? Wherever you put this piece as a chair — it’s a stand-alone.

slinky ultra mod chair by infinity of italy 2 thumb 630x659 23931 Slinky Ultra Mod Chair by Infinity of Italy

The red option is especially intriguing, don’t you think?


The chair is inspired by Japanese characters – but global in manufacture and design.


More information: Infinity



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