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Sliding Kitchen Counter Design by Minimal

We know that in order to maintain that modern contemporary look in our homes, it is essential to keep the clutter at a minimum – and we are here to tell you that this sliding kitchen counter design by Minimal can help you do just that. As their name suggests, minimalism is Minimal’s top priority and all their collections boast a sleek, streamlined look – but the Verve / Sliding Top takes the cake. A large portion of the counter slides out to reveal a singular induction stainless steel cooktop and a sink with a retractable faucet in a sunken corian counter top. When it’s open, the top can serve as a sophisticated linear surface that can be a used as a bar, a table, a serving area or a dining space. When closed the kitchen, with its white matte lacquered doors and a hand crafted thermo acacia wood veneer and stainless steel counter top, looks like a sleek block and everything is neatly placed out of sight. To learn more, visit Minimal.



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