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Sleek Wooden Line Light Will Add Style to Your Home

Matthew McCormick designed the most stylish contemporary wooden pendant light you will find on the market. Line Light is the luminaire that looks great alone as well as in a group of identical brothers.

Offered in Walnut, White Ash, and Oak, the lamp is suspended from two barely visible wires, embracing the line of LEDS strip lighting with a thin rounded wooden frame.

Line Light
Line Lights arranged above a dining table
Minimal wooden lights
Minimal wooden lights

Since LEDs aren’t that bright, you’d really need a lot of these pendants to illuminate an entire room. But that’s what also makes it so fitting for a dining table. Even a single strip can add a lot to a contemporary eating area.

Thanks to the balancing cables, Line Lights can not only be hung at different heights but also at various angles that will make the arrangement look more intriguing.

Because of its wooden nature, the pendant will go well with any interior materials including matching wood and plastic. In a concrete or brick-heavy room, it will look especially great, standing out against stone surfaces. In the interior above, the white ash lights make for a nice transition between the white walls and black dining chairs.

The shape of the pendant may not be suitable as a kitchen light, but you can definitely use it in almost any room or area. What do you think?

Line Light Brings Style to Any Room

Line-shaped light
A line-shaped light is a perfect accessory to the contemporary kitchen and dining
Minimal dining room lights
It matches the wooden slat ceiling and the light wood dining table
Minimal wooden light
Only rounded chairs break the parallel lines of the dining room
Minimal Line Light
Line Lights look especially great grouped together
Minimal ash wood lights
The wooden lights are a perfect loft accessory
Ash wood lights
Hanging by two thin threads, they appear levitating
Contemporary wooden lamps
Ash wood gives the lamps a contemporary look
Line Light ash lamps
Minimal design
Line Light brand logo
Line Light brand logo

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