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Modern Bathroom Furniture from Ardino – Raguno: Sleek and Subtle

Ardino Raguno sink
Proving once and for all that white porcelain bathroom furniture is anything but boring… the Raguno modern bathroom collection from Ardino. Curvilinear and smooth, the wide expanse of the sink area appears inviting to the user. Its perfect surface is glossy and cool to the touch. The drain is carefully included in the design as a semi-circular gap down which water will disappear. You can choose from two versions, the Renzo has a front that juts out with a curved lip, and the Romeo’s front remains flush with the cherry wood vanity below. Both are timeless modern and will endure long past any current trends. Raguno furniture is available now from Ardino: ‘Italian style – made in Germany’.
Ardino Raguno bath


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