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Sink with horizontal drain from Axolute – no more drain pipe!

For those seeking absolute minimalist style, this sink with patented ‘Horizontal Integrated Siphon’ technology (basically a horizontal drain) from Axolute will revolutionise your bathroom design. The stunning polished stainless sink features the HIS system, which replaces the traditional drain pipe usually visible underneath basins. Instead, the water flows along the slot of the front of the basin and back into the wall connection – a clever, neat solution. The new washbasins T4, SP11, R52, and F7.5 are all made with the HIS system and introduced by Italian company Axolute at FuoriSalone 2008. The lack of pipes underneath makes these designs particularly effective when mounted by themselves, as well as highly convenient to be fitted over a vanity unit. Experience the simplicity and refined style of these new sinks – contact Axolute.


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