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Sink Tub Combo by Desnahemisfera: Symbiosis

symbiosis all in one sink tub desnahemisfera 1 thumb 630xauto 32510 Sink Tub Combo by Desnahemisfera: Symbiosis

No room for both a free standing tub and a vanity? No problem, simply install the Symbiosis. With a sink merging into the backrest of the tub the Symbiosis uses the same drain output for both sink and tub while also incorporating separate temperature and pressure controls for each by the touch of a button. There are also built in speakers for an iPhone or other device and the wave design of the bathing backrest is ergonomically designed for the ultimate in bathing comfort.

symbiosis all in one sink tub desnahemisfera 2 thumb 630xauto 32512 Sink Tub Combo by Desnahemisfera: Symbiosis

Designed by Design Studio Desnahemisfera for Kerrock by Kolpa, Symbiosis creates a sleek and modern silhouette that would be equally at home in an industrial, rustic, country, mid-century or Scandinavian decor – its all in what its paired with. Concrete, marble, pale or dark woods – white, grey, beige or bold colors – its all your choice, but whichever aesthetic you choose, the Symbiosis will always be the star of the show.


The design is so innovative you’ll want to show it off to guests. Even the feature of hiding the sink plumbing within the body of the tub adds that extra layer of elegant simplicity.


The organic silhouette is animalmorphic with the tub being the body, the backrest the neck and the sink the head.


The built in speakers within the headrest of the tub and the wave shaped form of the tub offer a spa like experience for the ultimate in relaxation.





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