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Simple Cute Furniture From Tacchini Comes With Playful Details

Kind of retro looking, kind of modern looking and certainly funky looking. These chairs, by Swedish designers Claesson, Koivisto and Rune, are playful, colorful and whimsical all rolled in one. The “Kelly H (blue), E (green) and L (red)” chairs are presented in different styles as well as colors. But they are clearly from the same family of comfortable and stylish chairs. The padded seats seem suspended on sleek metal frames. Check out the next blue “H” photo below – the disproportionately high back is the signature on this piece. Then the “E” is such a magnificent green in it’s oval form seat and back. And the real star of the show – the red lounge, “L”, looks big enough for two people to curl up on and watch TV. And when you’re not in them, these chairs are almost art, they ooze so much style. Not surprising, given that the design was inspired by the minimalist art of American painter, Ellsworth Kelly. Art and comfort together in furniture design – it’s the holy grail!

The Kelly E is green (E stands for Easy Chair) and the Kelly H is blue (H is for high-back).
The Kelly L (L is for lounge) is red.
More information: Tacchini


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