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SieMatic S1 Kitchen – the future of the kitchen design

Siematic S1 kitchen
Perfect and precise: that’s the future of according to SieMatic S1 kitchen. Breathtakingly linear and astonishingly direct, this kitchen design leaves you with no excuse for not getting down to the task of creating culinary masterpieces. It’s so inspiring to have everything in its place in the heart of the home, the kitchen, the place where family and guests come together to enjoy themselves. Drawers of the S1 kitchen glide open to reveal stacks of storage – even the kitchen island has a clever little storage cranny down the middle with a flip-up lid that hides any mess. Characterised by minimalist aesthetics, the 1cm thick worktop top cupboards are fronted by unadorned, natural panels in light or dark finishes. What’s more, all drawers and cupboards include MaticMotion handles seamlessly integrated into the front! The Smartboard likewise makes the kitchen something really special. Controlling the kitchen’s entertainment system including a flat screen TV and a hi-fi is easy with this central system (remote control operation is also included). To complete the ambiance of the S1 kitchen are the many lighting options, each individually controlled so you can set the mood you want, highlighting corners or features. With the SieMatic S1 Kitchen the future certainly looks bright…
Siematic S1 kitchen - built-in appliances
Siematic S1 kitchen - island utility conduit
Siematic S1 kitchen LED - mood light
Siematic S1 kitchen - MultiMatic pull-out drawers
Siematic S1 kitchen - storage
Siematic S1 kitchen - range hood
Siematic S1 kitchen - smart board
Siematic S1 kitchen - movable faucet head

Siematic S1 kitchen in dark Sukupira wood
Siematic S1 kitchen dark Sukupira wood storage
Siematic S1 kitchen - dishes storage
Siematic S1 kitchen - MaticMotion pushbutton handles


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