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Oversized Showerhead from Zucchetti – XL Z94 brings you your own personal cloudburst!

Zucchetti oversized showerhead XL Z94 suspended over bathtub
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. There is nothing complicated about the oversized XL showerhead with the straightforward label of Z94, from Zucchetti. It is a massive, circular showerhead that appears to be suspended from three steel wires. The three wires have an organic appeal due to their asymmetrical, twisted forms. Actually, the showerhead hangs down from the ceiling supported by thin, almost invisible, wires that bear the weight. The overall effect is one of understated elegance that belies the sensational showering experience of the Z94, which is like standing under your own cloud as it drenches you with refreshing, clean water. Each ‘raindrop’ is individually emphasized by the lovely lighting feature within the showerhead. Bring the XL Z94 into your home for the best showering experience ever!
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XL Z94 lighted with LED
Zucchetti showerhead XL Z94 in operation


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