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Shower Column by California Faucets – the new ‘exposed’ shower design

california shower column Shower Column by California Faucets   the new exposed shower design
A versatile and flexible design, the fabulous exposed shower column by California Faucets can be customised to fit both traditional and modern interiors. Rather than just a minimalist shower head protruding from a wall, the Shower Column starts at waist height. The plain pipe then runs up the wall, through another wall-mounted support and then arches back to end in a large shower head, that hangs like a heavy headed flower. The simple pipe work grounds the column, clearly linking the body with the wall set controls. An understated design, the Shower Column offers a functional elegance that suits period interiors while adding interest to sparse modern installations. California Faucets offer the Shower Column with a selection of 12 distinctive shower heads, 46 different styles of handle and in over 30 different finishes, ensuring you can create the perfect complement to your luxurious bathroom plan. Whether you wish to recreate an English Manor or add glamour to a chic Manhattan Loft, The Shower Column by California Faucets can bring these ideas to life. Available from $295-$472 from California Faucets.



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