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Glass-Walled House With Traditional Decor

A Project of Foursquare Builders, this Texas home occupies a spacious property that allows for a design nearly unhindered by the challenges of protecting the privacy of those within. A remarkably simple structure of glass paneling draped over a steel frame, the house is formatted around a number of large public rooms, each with commanding views of the countryside beyond its bounds. The residence’s roof extends far past its interior boundaries to block direct sunlight at undesirable times, while skylights in its middle help to direct that same light to the center of the wide floorplan. The decor of the interior is different from what you might expect in such a modern residence, filled with dozens of antique-style furnishings and fixtures. Large formal rugs help to define each living space, and vintage lamps light each room. Each space has a varying degree of separation from the environment, ranging from the living room’s full glass walls to the bathroom’s single curtained light source.

Most of the house is completely open to outside view, with floor-to-ceiling glass lining all the major rooms. At key points, stone exterior walls and conventional plaster coverings help to define more private spaces. On the inside, the overall design theme is a careful mixture of cutting-edge amenities and antique styles.
The home’s overall structure and many of its details are obvious reminders of its modernity, but the wood coloration of many of its most contemporary surfaces helps to integrate them with the vintage furnishings and decor throughout.
Most of the furnishings and patterns of the living room echo the antique styles of the entrance foyer, with naturally colorful artisan rugs and well-stuffed chairs. The ceiling and floor lines extend outward to the deck uninterrupted by the glass wall, with an additional ceiling fan on the exterior of the home in line with those inside.
Similar to the main entry, the master bedroom features a mixture of clear and traditional walls. A small sample of exterior stone makes its way inside here as it does in many of the residence’s rooms, and double doors lead outside to the wooded property surrounding the house’s yard.
The only major room inside that is truly contained is the bathroom, one of its edges set along the rear wall of the building and the other three defined within the home’s interior. The room is another great example of mixing modern and traditional influences, with an antique lighting fixture above a contemporary geometric tub.
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