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Outdoor Wood Furniture by Maku – the patio teak furniture

Aiming to capture the multicultural feel inspired by the thrill seeking mantra of today’s younger generations, Maku has developed a new line of Outdoor Wood furniture that brings this global style to interior design. The late 20th century produced new breed of adventurer; snowboarders, skiers, surfers and skateboarders that roamed the world searching for nature’s toughest challenges. This global exposure created a sub-culture that embraced beauty from around the world melding it into a single practical style. This trait is obvious in Maku Outdoor Wood Furniture, which blends the line between outdoor and indoor space. The modern Teak designs offer the beauty and quality normally reserved for indoor designer furnishings. The Maku range features a distinctive outline profile, that accents the simple supporting shapes and unites the collection as a whole. Beautiful and functional, natural wood planks create a lovely smooth surface that allows water to easily drain away. When matched with the deep Maku cushions, these chairs offer fabulous comfort in the warm summer months. A wonderful way to expand your living space and create a comfortable relaxing sanctuary outside, Maku create patio teak furniture for the daring adventurer in all of us. The Lounge chair is available from Maku for $829.


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