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Shower Cabin from Vitaviva – the Techno Look

Straight to the point: the Techno Look from Vitaviva is a shower cabin that means business. If a versatile and powerful shower is vital for you to feel alive, this sleek cubical is perfect for you. With a fabulous overhead rain shower for the all over drenching of tropical storm, plus a detachable hand-held shower head, the Techno Look cannot fail to satisfy your showering requirements. In addition, the shower also provides side jets, neck jets, a mist generator and a steam bath to pamper your body as well as any spa could. Optional aromatherapy completes the experience to leave you refreshed or relaxed, according to your needs. A central bar provides the location for all the controls, and clear glass plates form the four sides of this futuristic shower. The Techno Look is a fabulous shower cabin from Vitaviva.


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