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Shoreline Glass Vessels by Caleb Nichols – art and uniqueness

Caleb Nichols from Stoughton, MA has introduced us to his new glass Shoreline vessel sinks. “… Totally smooth on the interior, each sink is handblown, fused and slumped, combining ancient techniques with modern technology. The effect is … it looks like you are standing at the shorelines edge and looking down at the rocks and shells beneath the surface. The sinks measure 5″H x 16″D and are a sturdy 3/4″ thick. They are priced at $1650. The designs and coloration of the sinks are similar, but each sink will be unique unto themselves.” Shown is Purple Creek vessel. Caleb Nichols has been a glass artist for twenty years. For more images and information see Caleb Nichols sinks, 781-344-3241.

Teal Cove vessel


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