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Sheet Metal Sinks in Steel by Lago

Modern, unique and hip are the best ways to describe these sheet metal sinks made of steel by Lago. The first metal sink featured here is called Steel and is pretty unique in its way of draining water. Instead of your usual center drain, the water drains out through the perimeter of the sink. Not only is that pretty cool, but apparently, this promotes a cleaner sink too. Steel can be installed free standing or supported and can be adorned with neat little containers for holding soap and toothbrushes. The other sink by Lago featured here today is called 20 Degrees and among all its sleek, sharp edges is a very welcomed curved basin. This curve allows for a lovely cascading effect of the water when it’s running. It also may be accessorized with colorful containers for your bathroom extras. There is something so current and fun about these sheet metal designs, maybe it’s the overall thinness of them. They would be happy additions to any contemporary, modern home. Learn more at Lago.



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