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Self-Bearing Concorde Staircase by Marretti is Functional Art

The Concorde Staircase by Marretti cantilevers its treads out from both sides of its self supporting spine and in so doing almost takes on the imagery of a dinosaur spine – very cool! It is a unique and exclusive creation that is about as artistic as a staircase can get.

Each section of riser and tread are bolted together with the heads of the bolts exposed as part of the overall aesthetic. The riser/tread Walnut wood sections can be stained to order or coated with a Travertine Marble type of resin that is available in a multitude of colors.
The glass balustrade and the solid Walnut wood stairwell create a dialogue between two floor levels that is created by both technology and imagination and that language is fitting of this made in Italy design. It is the language of love, and we love this staircase!


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