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Sculpturally Creative Concave Bookcase by Joined + Jointed

With people resorting more and more to searching on their computers, laptops, and ipads, the roll of the bookshelf has transformed from a utilitarian piece of furniture to one of personalized style and intriguing displays. The Concave Bookcase by Simon Pengelly through Joined + Jointed is a perfect example of the transformation. With its concave vertical divisions the shelving unit is more art form then it is shelving unit. Produced in two halves it can be used as a single unit lining a wall – or, as in this case, two separate shelving systems. In this photo the two halves are on opposite ends of the room and create a sense of continual flow that is broken by the crisp lines of the sofa and chair. The contrast continues with the off white linen sofa upholstery and the Walnut veneer on the shelves.

The Concave Bookcase also comes in an Oak veneer and pairing the oak with a dark brown or black upholstered or leather sofa can achieve the same effect. Whichever choice of wood used, the curved vertical support system to the shelves creates a fun and lively place to display books, mementos and collections. The phrase “Form Follows Function” is a perfect way to describe this sculpturally unique shelving unit. It would be pretty spectacular to see a complete library outfitted in these shelves.
Joined + Jointed


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