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Design Chameleon Office Desk is both Mid-century and Modern

With the move toward mobile computers, today’s workspaces do not require the same space as desks of days gone by. This allows for a much more design conscious choice when picking the perfect piece of furniture for your Laptop or ipad station. Generally slimmer and shorter, today’s desks can be situated in any room and can easily reflect a design aesthetic that goes with your decor. The Office Desk by Joined + Jointed is a well-crafted chameleon creation that blends with modern, mid-century as well as more traditional decor.

What will define the style of this desk has more to do with the choice of accessories and chair paired with it, then it does the desk itself. The choice of walnut or oak veneers gives this office desk a timeless quality and the joinery of the woodworking is something any hobby or professional furniture maker can appreciate. The splayed legs reflect both the past and modern day trends while the thick top is a very popular detail in today’s home decor. As beautiful from behind as it is from the front this desk would look just as awesome free floating in a room as it would up against a wall. In the arrangement shown here, the Office Desk by Joined + Jointed reflects an eclectic aesthetic. The choice of a bold industrial floor lamp is a modern touch; the lightweight chair is a nod to both a Scandinavian and a mid-century decor, while the graphic and bold clock on the wall add the artistic flare.
Joined + Jointed


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